Theater Arts

CAC’s Next Theater Program

Carousel Arts Consultants provides kids with a pre-professional theater experience. We strive to build up self-confidence through the theater and the arts while fostering a fun environment where artists can feel free and safe to play without judgment. We encourage cast bonding and humor.

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Thank you GVCO for introducing the GV community to Carousel Arts Consultants!  It’s a beautiful collaboration that has definitely cultivated the love of the arts in our son.  Miss Maria and Miss Cathy are true professionals who clearly love nurturing the talents of each child and helping each individual reach their highest potential in a friendly, and supportive atmosphere.  We noticed that all the children, regardless of their age or experience, excel and enjoy every minute of auditions, rehearsals, and the live stage performance!  Smiles are abundant at CAC!  In addition to improving their singing, dancing and acting techniques, they also learn confidence, composure, commitment and collaboration.  Once you see a CAC performance, you will be a believer.  The Wizard of Oz was an overwhelming success. And we were extremely impressed.  The level of talent and professionalism showcased by a pre-professional cast of 5 to 18 year olds is truly remarkable and CAC should be very proud of the program they are building. Stars are being born right here in Great Valley!