About Us

Maria D. Feeney, Founder/Director

Maria D. Feeney
Meet Maria (Miss Maria to all the students over the years)  the founder and prior owner of Carousel Performing Arts Center in Kennett Square for over 17 years.

Maria founded Carousel Arts Consultants in 2007 with the idea of sharing her passion by establishing off-site programs in the arts in various locations.

Having spent the last 30 years as a family law attorney, Maria had been a ballerina, theatrical performer and dancer all her life, even when only a small child.  She has a true appreciation for the integration of the arts and academics and understands how exposure to both fosters a person’s character. Whether it be the scales of justice or the theater’s comedy and tragedy, Maria’s duel career in law and the arts has helped her maintain a balance in her life.

Her mission to share the concept of balance in life is the inspiration for CAC’s newest wellness division offering in house and off campus programs for adults and children that integrate the arts and wellness.

Hannah Lasure, Assistant Director/Former Student

Hannah Lasure
Hannah has known Miss Maria for over 8 years and has been acting and singing her whole life. As a student of Miss Maria’s, Hannah knew she found a theatre program that was unlike any other. As a veteran actress and singer, she loves a new challenge and pushing herself to be the best she can be. Some of her starring roles with Carousel Arts Consultants have been Alice, from Alice in Wonderland and The Cowardly Lion, from the Wizard of Oz.

When she’s not on stage, she’s certainly not watching the show. Instead, she can be found backstage running lines with the actors, helping with costume changes, scene changes, or even changes in the lighting and music.

Most recently, she graduated Penn State with honors and two degrees: one in Organizational Leadership and the other in German Business and is currently pursuing her MBA. Primarily, Hannah works as the Sr. Assistant Manager for the largest Winery in Pennsylvania. She very excited to be partnering with Miss Maria.